Lindsay Norris Floral Design

Boston, MA



Artist and designer Lindsay Norris has been creating floral designs for clients around the country since 1989, when Lindsay Norris Floral Design began business in Lincoln, Massachusetts. For 20 years, clients have come to Lindsay to provide perfect floral touches for their weddings, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs, corporate events, and private parties.

Lindsay has had a deep connection with the natural world since childhood. Her work reflects her passion and connection with the flowers, forests, and seasons. Designing with the highest quality flowers in the world, as well as native flowers from her gardens and New England woods, her creations use the color, form, scent, and texture of the natural elements to provide a graceful interface within indoor halls and outdoor venues, private homes, museums, private clubs, and houses of worship.

Simple or dramatic, small or large, the details and flow of her creations can be seen in the gallery pages on this website.